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Fruit moth cap 4K

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In recent years, we regularly encountered situations where codling moth infestation occurred in tangled plots without moths being caught in the trap.

It is known that the standard codling moth cap rarely catches butterflies in tangled plots and is therefore less suitable as an aid to make a decision about whether or not to correct.

In 2020 and 2021, we tested 2 new caps on 16 plots with codling moth pressure and compared them with the standard cap.
The traps with the different caps hung 2 years in a row on the same plot at a distance of about 20 meters from each other.
All plots were confused (Isomate or Checkmate Puffers).

With the standard cap hardly any butterflies were caught. The other 2 caps caught a lot more butterflies.

The standard cap contains a pheromone, the other cap contains plant extracts. That is why this cap does catch on in tangled plots. It therefore gives no indication about the functioning of the confusion (that is what the standard cap does), but it does indicate the size of the butterflies present. Pheromone confusion works at a low pressure, so no correction is necessary when there are few butterflies in the plot. With this new cap you will almost always catch codling moths, without this having to lead to problems.

The relationship between capture and degradation has also been examined, but this is currently not clear. It is true that if many moths were caught (50-20 pieces) there was often more infestation than expected.

You need 1 cap per season.