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Adhesive tape for apple and pear saw wasp

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Apple and pear sawfly control is difficult in organic cultivation. No effective substances are allowed for this purpose. Quassia works well but is currently not allowed. There is an application for authorization as a basic substance.

For the time being, some products are still available in conventional cultivation (Gazelle, Sivanto Prime), but what the near future will look like is uncertain.

In the past, a lot of research has been done into alternative control methods (use of nematodes, fungi, covering the black strip, removing the infestation, ...) but good results have never been achieved.

For several years (2016-2019), WUR and some organic growers, among others, have been experimenting with catching sawfly by means of white glued disposable plates.

There was only a (limited) effect with very high numbers of signs (1 per tree). You will be left with a lot of plastic waste.


In 2021 and 2022 we set up demo trials on 6 apple plots by hanging double-sided adhesive tape before the saw wasp starts flying.

This allows you to create a large catching surface in a shorter time.

Results so far indicate that at a low pressure, the adhesive tapes were equivalent to a treatment.

At high pressure, the result was less good, but still interesting.


Here in 2021 we only checked whether this adhesive tape was attractive.

Hung up on March 30, 2021, yielded an average of 380 wasps per ribbon (90x15 cm) on April 1.

This adhesive tape is therefore very attractive for the pear saw wasp.

In Denmark, HortiAdvice installed a demo trial at 3 locations in 2021. This showed that the adhesive tape had about 80% effectiveness in a year with low pressure.

In 2022, we conducted a trial at 2 locations and saw approximately 50% reduction on plots with moderate to heavy infestation.

Also this year, 2023, some tests are planned.

Results are such that this product is suitable for growers who want to use an alternative method.

In the trials, 250 adhesive tapes/ha were hung.

You do need to have cross threads to which the ribbon will be attached.

How much do you need?

1 set consists of 2 rolls of 100 meters.

1 set is for 0.5 - 1 ha, depending on how far apart the cross wires are.

The number of sets required per ha = 1.25 * (wire spacing in meters + 0.2 m to confirm)