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Adhesive tape for apple and pear saw wasp

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Apple and partly pear sawfly control is needed almost annually on many organic plots.

In conventional orchards, some products are still available but how the near future of these is uncertain. Here, too, alternative control may become useful.

A lot of research has been done in the past on alternative control methods (the use of nematodes, fungi, covering the black strip, picking infected fruits, ...) but no good results were ever achieved with these.

For several years (2016-2019), Wageningen Universiteit and some organic growers, among others, have been experimenting with sawfly mass trapping by means of white glued disposable plates.

Only with very high numbers of plates (1 per tree) was there a (limited) effect. You are left with a lot of plastic waste, though.

A double-sided glued ribbon has been available since 2021: Catch-It


From 2021 till 2023, we set up 10 demo trials on 9 apple plots by hanging this double-sided adhesive tape before the sawfly starts flying.

This allows you to create a large catch area in a short time.

Results clearly indicate that at low to moderate pressure, the sticky ribbons are equally valid as a treatment! This is particularly good for a mass trapping method.

At high pressure, the result was not as good, but still interesting because it improved the effectiveness of the treatment.


In 2022 and 2023, we set up 4 demo trials at 4 sites and got a reduction of 50-65% at high pressure, at moderate pressure it was over 90%. At 2 years, the pressure could be reduced from high to low!


Multi-year practical results are so good that these sticky tapes are suitable as an alternative method for apple and pear sawfly management.

In our trials, 250 sticky plates/ha were hung out. The plates are attached to cross wires.

How much do you need?

1 set consists of 2 rolls of 100 metres.

1 set is for 0.5 - 1 ha, depending on how far apart the cross wires are.

The number of sets needed per ha = 1.25 * (distance between wires in metres + 0,2 m to fix). The distance between the cross-wires must be at least 50 cm.

With your order you will receive a protocol on how to hang the ribbons best and fastest.


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