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Picking gloves (wet weather)

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During a wet harvest, the standard picking glove will become damp/wet on the inside of the glove. Hands can cool down quickly, especially in wet and cold picking weather. We are introducing a new glove that does not ventilate in warm weather, but remains dry on the inside in cold and wet weather.
This glove has no rubber studs, but is covered with a double latex coating, making it completely liquid-tight. The combination of the completely smooth latex coating and the latex 'Sandy Finish' on the palm and fingers offers a good grip in wet and dry conditions. The glove is flexible, so that the dexterity is good. This glove does not ventilate and will not evaporate sweat during hot picking conditions.
The good grip of this glove reduces picking damage and fruit drop and is available in sizes: 7 (small), 8 (medium), 9 (large), 10 (extra large) and 11 (XXL). Sizes 7 (small) and 11 (XXL) can also be supplied if required.

They are sold per 12 pairs for €39.00 (€3.25 per pair) or separately per Unit for €3.50.