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Fruit size plates

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Thinning fruit by hand is not always easy. In addition to removing damaged fruits, the small fruits often also have to be removed. Indicating an undersize is simple, but often difficult to implement in practice. With these fruit size plates you can change the size every week.

A set of fruit size plates consists of eight plates with a diameter of 24-26-28-30-32-34-36-38 mm.
The plates are made of sturdy plastic that is lightweight.

A yo-yo and lanyard are supplied free of charge with every set of fruit size plates. By attaching the plate with the relevant diameter to the yo-yo, you always have an undersize for removing the unwanted small fruits. The yo-yo is attached to the lanyard. The string in the yo-yo is 80 cm long so that there is enough space to pull the fruit size plate to the fruit.